The Aegyptiaka Project


Ecumēne and Economy in the Horizon of Religion






The Aegyptiaka Project: Ecumēne and Economy in the Horizon of Religion was inaugurated in 2006 as an international, collaborative project of the University of the Aegean and the University of Bonn. The Project initially focused on the Rhodian Aegyptiaka, the Egyptian and egyptianised donations from the archaic Rhodian sanctuaries of Ialyssos, Kamiros and Lindos, and their economic and socio-political implications. Since then, we have continued to invite other scholars interested in this subject and the Project has been further expanded to study and re-evaluate all religious and social semantics of the Egyptian presence in the Early Iron Age Greece and the eastern Mediterranean. This site introduces you to the main objectives of the Project and the principal collaborators. It will grow with our Project! As more collaborators, research students and scholars get involved, we will keep you updated. 



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